Back in the Green!

Wednesday Feb 10th, 2021


February 10th is usually a day I remember because it's my darling sister's birthday (Happy Birthday, Kate!). This year it's extra-memorable because it's the day Kingston and surrounding area emerged from 6 weeks of lockdown and became a little more lively. We did a good job of keeping our COVID numbers to a minimum, people obeyed the rules about masking and distancing, and we can now look forward with some hope that we will get a summer vacation.

Real estate continues to be COVID-conscious; we will mask and disinfect, postpone open houses and try as much as possible to ensure that we're only going into homes where our clients will seriously be considering an offer. 

In my business, I am offering FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom tours of homes for clients who are outside our region (or who are here but do not feel comfortable entering a home). Believe or not, over the years I have sold homes this way! With detailed comparables, a partnership with lenders and a home inspector, my clients have been able to make informed decisions about a home without even stepping foot in it.

If you're thinking of buying, give me a call. I will be happy to take you on a (virtual) tour!


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