Buying and selling in the COVID-19 era

Tuesday Jun 23rd, 2020


As we enter the 3rd month of COVID-19, the real estate market is coming back to life. People are learning to go on with life, albeit differently, and that means moving home. As I'd predicted to colleagues and clients, the spring market in Eastern Ontario has merely shifted a few months and we are now busy. We continue to have low inventory, bidding wars and quick turn-arounds from the time of listing to offer. 

As your advocate in all things real estate, here is what I'm doing to keep you safe and successful in your house buying or selling adventure:

As your Selling Agent:

  • using professional photography and video to fully show your home so that buyers can determine if it is the right property for their consideration,
  • requiring that all agents and buyers complete a COVID-19 disclosure form prior to visiting your home,
  • supplying you with hand sanitizer to have available at all showings,
  • sharing best practice for showings, including leaving all lights on, doors and drawers open

As your Buying Agent:

  • knowing exactly what your needs and wants are to vet properties that match these so as not to expose you,
  • providing and wearing masks and gloves for all showings,
  • maintaining social distancing while together,
  • using e-signature programs to complete the majority of paperwork on-line.

My clients health and safety are my top priority. There will hopefully come a day when these protocols will not be needed, but until then let's keep one another safe and healthy.

Take care,


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Amal BUKHARI Jun 23, 2020
Great Job Theresa!!!! Website is looking so nice and professional! All the best

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