Stage 3 Real Estate in the Kingston area

Sunday Jul 19th, 2020


Great news! As of last Friday, July 17th, our region entered Stage 3 of the COVID-19 Ontario Reopening. Restaurants, bars, gyms and other places where people could not gather inside will now be open under strict conditions. For the real estate world, this means that we are allowed to host open houses again. 

Have we returned to 'normal'? NO. Normal won't come for many months, or perhaps even years. In our region, we have been fortunate to have had so few cases. We have also been vigilant and that can't let up just because we are opening more spaces up. 

I do not believe we are going to see a rush to host Open Houses. Homes that are vacant or new builds will be easier to host. But at the same time, I think we will see precautions such as masking and hand sanitization remain in place. Visitors will also be asked to 'sign in' to an Open House (common in larger areas, but much less so here) and provide proof of idenity. Fred Flinstone or Minnie Mouse will not be welcome into Open Houses.

The message is to not forget the lessons of the past four months. Remain vigilant, stay safe and mask up. 

Yours in community,


"Build a longer table, not a higher fence."

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